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Gravity  form is among the most advanced form builder plugin because 2009. It is developed by Rocketgenius, Inc. For the last 9 decades, the business maintained advancing and integrating user suggestions to include more features in the plugin. This resulted in a plugin that is still relevant even after so much rivalry and reassurance that the plugin will not be abandoned ( like most new form builders become after they do not get grip ).

What is Gravity forms?

Gravity Types is one of the simplest and greatest contact form plugin to make complex forms for websites powered by widely-used WordPress. It enables creating advanced forms within minutes, which can be also optimized for mobile devices. The plugin is also easy to integrate with lots of the popular web apps as well online providers, such as Zapier, PayPal, FreshBooks and Lively Campaign.

Types can readily be embedded on WordPress-powered websites utilizing the built-in tools which enable picking fields and configuring options. It’s easy-to-implement and does not require any programming knowledge. Advanced Fields create the types more powerful by allowing catching titles, numbers, addresses, telephone numbers as well as file uploads. The Standard Fields cover virtually all the significant form field-types like drop-downs, text fields, radio buttons and paragraph fields.

Gravity Types Benefits

Gravity Forms allow to easily set forms on WordPress sites by quickly building and designing forms and picking fields and configuring options. Multi-page features allow dividing the forms into multiple pages and also show a progress bar that allows users know where they are in the process. Limited entries help determine how many entries will a form accept and is very useful in scenarios like competitions. A customized message is displayed when the limit is reached. Types can even be scheduled and made available for a limited time period by setting a start and end date/time. The Post Fields may be used to make forms that produce posts on the site.

Conditional Logic is just another notable feature that enables configuring forms to display or hide fields, pages, sections or the submit button based on particular criteria. This makes it super easy to tailor the types based on user’s needs. Fields can he hidden based on a preceding user-selection using conditional logic, although the exact same applies to sections.

The Advanced Gravity Forms Features Kill The Competition

There Are Lots of great features and when we touched them in detail that this webpage could be a Good Deal more so here are the highlights:

Visual Form Editor — Each area can be added with just a click and you can drag and drop to re-arrange.

Multi-Page/Step Types — You are able to divide your forms in to segments or even pages should you want to collect a lot of information.

Accept Online Payments — If you want a fast and easy method to start accepting payments it’s possible to build easy order forms and accept payments with Gravity Types.

Smart Fields — You do not always have to ask every person the exact same queries. Conditional fields allow you to only display the fields which are relevant for every circumstance.

Grow your marketing lists — There are simple add-ons that enable you to join your favorite email advertising agency to Gravity Forms so you may automatically collect prospects from each one of the forms on your site.

Limit/Schedule Entries — in the event that you merely need to allow a certain number of people to finish your form, perhaps for a free sample, or need to restrict how long its live for in the case of a competition that can all be down with a couple clicks.

Posting Functions — Should you run guest posts or allow third parties to upload content to your site it is possible to use Gravity forms to deal with the entire process towards front so that your contributors never have to see your WordPress dashboard.

Build Surveys & Quizzes — Whether you’re doing extensive research into a topic or simply want a means for your viewers to test their knowledge in your latest training class, you can easily construct forms for the job with Gravity Types.

Conditional Output for App-Like Functionality — This allows you to dynamically produce the answers to your forms based on what is replied. For an illustration of this in action make sure you see the inspection movie.

Supported By Popular Themes — Gravity Forms is designed to look amazing with custom styling in most modern themes.

Fully Extensible through Add-Ons — There are over 10 plugins which may be included in a developers license at no excess cost and many more available for free from the official WordPress plugin directory. You may also hook to Zapier to connect with 100s of different websites.

Easy to use

Simple Form Builder, but Not All Preferences Are Beginner-Friendly

Gravity Types inherits some of the frustrating aspects of WordPress — such as the outdated editor and configurations you may struggle to locate. If you have never used an internet form builder previously, Gravity Types might appear overly complicated.

Drag-and-Drop Editor

For the form editor itself, Gravity Forms uses a navigation port, but it might feel a little clunky and not all that intuitive. Form fields are split into standard fields, innovative fields, article areas, and pricing fields. To edit a type field, you click on it in the editor but the preferences are split into tabs which you need to click through.

In-Editor Guidance

When you make a blank form, you’ll notice that there’s some in-editor advice to assist you begin. Additionally, there are tooltips you can view by hovering over the question mark symbol on form fields and preferences. These can be useful when you are not sure which settings to select.

Easy Add-On Management

Utilizing add-ons with Gravity Types is remarkably simple. The accessible add-ons could be activated and deactivated (like with WordPress plugins) in the add-ons settings panel. When triggered,  these attributes become automatically available in the form editor.

Gravity Types Pricing Plans:

  • Free Trial

Personal permit


Business License



Gravity Forms offer users several annual SMB and business pricing licenses to choose from:

Personal license — $39/year (Utilize on 1 Site; No Add-ons)

  • Unlimited Types and Entries


Export Entries

Spam Protection

  • Business License — $99/year (Use on 3 Sites; Add-ons added )

Personal license attributes and Fundamental Add-ons

  • Developer License — $199/year (Endless Websites; Infinite Add-ons)

Business license plus:

WordPress Multi-Site

Basic & Advanced Add-Ons Included

Priority ticket support

11 Reasons To Use The Gravity Types WordPress Plug-In

1. When You Have to export and record entries

Gravity Types writes entries to the database and lets you export them to CSV. The CSV file can then be opened using a spreadsheet application like Excel.

If your customer wishes to have the ability to store the answers to some form during a lengthy period of time, Gravity Forms will make it happen.

2. When you need a form with style

Gravity Types just look better on the page. In addition to that, the plan of the email notifications is a lot easier to use.

Also, the user interface is far more intuitive than any totally free contact type plug-in I have ever employed.

Building forms with Gravity Types is, dare I say, a tasteful experience.

3. When you need a type with conditional logic

Conditional logic, sometimes called”jump” logic, is a way of tailoring the form based on the responses which are given.

For instance, if a respondent selects”76K+” in the”Annual Income” area, show (or hide) Question two.

  I’d like to find some improvement in the way Gravity Types handles conditional logic but it works well for simple conditional logic needs.

4. When you need routing of notifications

When you’re designing a form for a bigger company, they’ll sometimes need the email alerts sent to different recipients based on the answers given in the form.

Routing notification emails to different recipients is a cinch with this particular plug-in.

As an instance, if the respondent chooses”Volunteering” in the”I am interested in” area, the alarms go to James.

5. After the customer needs to be able to build and add forms

Let’s face it, most clients do not wish to need to learn code. Even shortcode.

Gravity forms is a point and click interface. It is as easy as it gets.

Adding the forms into pages or posts is quite easy also. No code, simply select the Gravity Types icon and fit the form.

6. When You Have to accept payments

That is a biggie.

Gravity Forms includes a complete set of Pricing Fields along with the ability to incorporate with PayPal. It offers the ability to have multiple products with multiple options. It computes shipping too.

Then, it integrates with PayPal.

By way of instance, if you’re selling a book using a hardback and paperback edition at different prices, Gravity Forms can manage it.

7. When you want data formatted

Do you want your telephone numbers formatted to XXX-XXX-XXXX? Would you want date fields to be displayed in a certain way? What about speech information?

Gravity Types can do all of that.

8. When you need conversion data

Here is another place that Gravity Forms could improve but if you need basic conversion data on the kind, it’s there. And it’s super useful.

If you’ve got a customer that insists on asking for an ungodly quantity of information in their lead form despite your warnings of low conversion, then this small quantity of coverage should convince them otherwise.

9. When you want to create user-generated content

That is super cool.

Gravity Types can produce a form that populates into a WordPress post.

The respondent could enter the body of the post, select the Post Category and even upload an image via the Gravity Type.

10. When You Want multi-page forms

There might be a free plugin that will multi-page forms using a status bar on top, but I have not found one.

Gravity Forms allows you to easily insert page breaks in the shape, each using their own dictionary, etc..

11. When you need the ability to upload documents

This one comes up all the time.

When you need a form that could easily upload documents and you want to be able to command the file kind, Gravity Forms is your answer. A URL to the uploaded file is added into the email notification for quick access.

I’d love to see the capacity to restrict the file size of the upload, but beggars can not be choosers.

Pros and cons of Gravity form


  • Gravity is a”constant force” that keeps items in place.
  • Gravity keeps our bones and muscles, up and functioning.
  • Gravity allows ground to keep its air.
  • Gravity, being able to store its energy as”potential energy”, enables us to exploit it.Example:- Water dams


  • Keeps us on earth, difficult and costly to travel into outerspace because we need to overcome the gravitational pull of the earth.
  • Makes it possible to collapse and hurt other people.
  • Limits the grade of buildings that we can build.

Top Alternatives To Gravity Forms By Total Score

Gravity Forms is a solid product that our specialists evaluated with a 8.0 score and with a 96% user satisfaction rate. It’s price starts at $39. But you may choose to think about additional Survey Software products that got better scores and satisfaction evaluations. Here’s how Gravity Forms fares compared to these:

Merchandise name:

Our Score:

Wufoo                                                   8.4

ProProfs Survey Maker                      8.4

Glint                                                       8.4

CoolTool NeuroLab                             8.0

QPoint Survey                                      8.0

So, is it worth your money?

Gravity Forms is a strong and easy to use form builder plug. It is AJAX established which comes handy while constructing complex forms quickly. The detailed customization and settings provide a complete control over how your form works. On top, integrations add-ons take your form to another level.


Support plays an essential role in the achievement of a product. Considering this fact, I must say, they’ve got a pretty solid support team. While studying a add-on, I had a problem with its authentication.