What is Gravity Forms?

A huge number of WordPress destinations depend on Gravity Forms to gather their most basic data. With our simple to-utilize, visual structure manufacturer, you can make and dispatch a wide range of structures on your WordPress site. You can fabricate anything, for example, progressed contact structures, bulletins, client enlistment structures, studies, tests, checkout structures, and more very quickly.

Besides, Gravity Forms incorporates with your number one outsider administrations like HubSpot, MailChimp, Zapier, PayPal, Stripe, and some more. Gravity Forms is the most believed WordPress structure manufacturer with top notch client service when you need it.

Natural enough for a novice to use, with cutting edge includes that let an engineer’s creative mind go out of control. With Gravity Forms, the potential outcomes are inestimable.

Gravity Form Review and Features

Gravity Forms has a place into the classification of further developed WordPress modules. This module permits you to go past the rudiments and make tests, studies, surveys, request structures, and considerably more. You can even permit guests to transfer different documents and even submit visitor posts on your site.

Gravity Forms additionally incorporates various setup settings which give you unlimited authority over your structures, from how structure fields act to warnings upon structure accommodation.

Here’s a short outline of all that Gravity Forms has to bring to the table:

Capacity to set accessibility of structures as per date, client job, number of sections, and the sky is the limit from there

Contingent rationale which permits you to show structure fields dependent on the qualities entered in past fields or send structure sections to various beneficiaries

Simplified structure manufacturer

Capacity to make multi-page structures and the capacity to save progress

Backing for numerous structure section warnings

Capacity to make front-end enlistment structures

Capacity to utilize against spam honeypot or CAPTCHA to decrease the quantity of spam entries

Various authority and outsider additional items to expand the usefulness considerably further and add reconciliations with email suppliers such MailChimp and AWeber, bookkeeping programming like FreshBooks, CRMs, and the sky is the limit from there.

Would it be a good idea for you to Use Gravity Forms?

Gravity Forms is undoubtedly an amazing module that permits you to make progressed structures. The professionals for utilizing Gravity Forms include:

The capacity to make progressed structures


A plenty of additional items to acquire much greater usefulness

A lot of settings to control each part of the structures

Discovering a con is somewhat troublesome when managing Gravity Forms. Maybe the solitary clear con is the way that for clients who need just a straightforward contact structure, this module is without a doubt over the top excess.

In any case, in case you’re an entrepreneur or an expert blogger who needs the capacity to add quote structures, document transfers, post entries, and more on your site, than Gravity Forms is unquestionably worth the speculation.


Imposing Forms – Freemium

We realize not every person has the money to put resources into WordPress modules, especially new organizations. So we made a free form of Formidable Forms.

Impressive Forms is a freemium item, which implies there is a free form and an exceptional variant and it’s absolutely dependent upon you which one you pick.

Gravity Forms – Premium

Then again, Gravity Forms is a premium module and doesn’t at present offer a free form so you’d need to contribute straight away.

Value correlation

Considerable Forms: Prices range from free to $399

Gravity Forms: Prices range from $59 to $259 (or $600+ for perspectives and altering usefulness)

Here’s an illustration of what you may pay to utilize Gravity Forms to make surveys and studies:

Make Forms    $259

Use Image Choices  +$49 (Gravity View)

Show Values    +$349 (Gravity Image Choices)

Diagrams and Charts       +$199 (GFChart)

Total        $856/year

With Formidable, you get all the for just $149 each year.

Why pick Gravity structures?

More incorporations

Gravity Forms has a broad scope of convenient applications it can incorporate with. A greater amount of these can be opened however will require redesigns from its essential adaptation to their Pro or Elite renditions.

Gravity Forms likewise empowers more outsider additional items to improve convenience and alternatives for your business.

Is Formidable Forms the Best Gravity Forms elective?

Both Formidable Forms and Gravity Forms incorporate the imperative highlights for cutting edge structures like record transfers, restrictive rationale, ReCAPTCHA, ajax submit, and client enlistment.

Albeit a portion of coming up next are outsider Gravity Forms additional items, both structure manufacturers offer WooCommerce, Salesforce, Constant Contact, Authorize.net, PayPal, Stripe, Hubspot, and MailChimp combination, in addition to other people.

By and large, in case you’re searching free of charge and basic contact shapes or progressed applications where loads of highlights are required, we would suggest Formidable Forms.

Nonetheless, on the off chance that you should have direct reconciliations and Zapier isn’t a possibility for you, at that point we’d recommend Gravity Forms for their more prominent scope of incorporations.

We trust this breakdown has assisted clear with increasing any inquiries you had about either module. Whichever module you pick is totally dependent upon you and your very own inclinations and business needs.

In case you’re now utilizing Gravity Forms and are prepared to do the change to Formidable, our Gravity Forms merchant module can assist with a fast progress.


Undoubtedly, Gravity Forms has end up being a flexible extra that empowers it’s clients to fabricate structures, and additionally the assortments of structures you can create are interminable. Gravity Forms is extraordinarily easy to work and also , it accompanies so many additional items to grow its abilities.

The high level arrangements and decisions give you complete control over how your structure functions, just as the capacity to pick the superior value bundles and additional items that basically communicate with outsider assets and items. Gravity Forms is very valuable in aiding everybody in making excellent structures for their WordPress sites.