Cylance Shrewd Antivirus is useful for a couple of reasons — it’s an incredible, man-made intelligence-based malware scanner which is modest, lightweight, and especially great at giving a “hands-off” way to deal with infection insurance.

It has a natural online dashboard, and it’s intended to be extraordinarily easy to utilize — the constant scanner is consistently dynamic, and isolated records are consequently eliminated following a month.

I think the versatile applications have serious room for improvement, as there were numerous things about them that were especially befuddling to utilize. I likewise don’t care for the reality the iOS application can’t be utilized outside of the US.

While there are a ton of incredible client care assets accessible on Cylance’s site, I didn’t have especially great experiences with Cylance’s help group, and I feel that there ought to be more contact choices accessible (rather than just email).

In general, Cylance doesn’t have any of the additional highlights that the best web security suites have, yet what it does, it progresses nicely — great antivirus insurance at a low cost.

Outline of Cylance PROTECT Highlights

  • Prescient Examination
  • Self-ruling Malware Execution Control
  • Malware Execution Avoidance
  • Puppy Dismissal
  • USB Stockpiling Gadget Control
  • Gadget Parallel Lockdown
  • Terrible Parallel Avoidance
  • Parallel Alteration Anticipation
  • Content Control
  • Memory Abuse Security
  • Memory Misuse Security
  • Cycle Infusion Freezing
  • Advantage Heightening Blockage

Cylance PROTECT Benefits

  1. Successful Insurance

With CylancePROTECT, IT frameworks are safeguarded against dangers effectively. The application allows organizations to appreciate practically 100% of malware execution avoidance regardless of which procedure they are customized to send. This implies that organizations can have confidence that their frameworks are completely ensured against various types of assaults and even from possibly undesirable projects.

  • Easy to use Interface

Successful insurance doesn’t need to rise to complex arrangement. Cylance PROTECT is an easy-to-use application and furthermore doesn’t require a great deal of exertion to oversee. IT security faculty need not stress over day-by-day endpoint the board and mark refreshes. That is on the grounds that the smart programming sends such errands naturally, expanding framework assurance and diminishing overhead expenses.

  • Heavyweight Execution

CylancePROTECT might be a lightweight specialist however it is a heavyweight with regards to security. It goes through just 1-3% of a PC’s preparing power, which is a lot lesser contrasted with standard endpoint security frameworks. However, regardless of that, the arrangement can offer an uncommon, pre-emptive security.

  • Multi-layered Malware Execution Control

Since malware and like dangers are executed through various habits, CylancePROTECT is furnished with devices that can recognize and forestall dangers regardless of which procedure is utilized to send them. From gadgets and applications to memory and contents, endpoints are profoundly ensured versus dangers.

Technical details

Devices Supported

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac


  • On Premise

Language Support

  • English

Pricing Model

  • Quote-based

Customer Types

  • Small Business
  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Business


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Cylance PROTECT Pricing and Cost Structure

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From “Cylance has renamed endpoint security. Our things and organizations expect and thwart, rather than responsively recognize, the execution of front-line risks. Sent on over 14.5 million endpoints, we secure clients by and large including Fortune 100 affiliations and governments.”

Cylance PROTECT is an endpoint security course of action by Cylance that recognizes, thwarts, and square threats. With this application, IT establishments are appropriately guaranteed against different kinds of perils considering man-made mental aptitude that helpers give more grounded security than legacy antivirus. The application analyses and orchestrates different properties per record and sees at the atomic level whether they are solid, fair, or something that should be named as a risk. Cylance Guarantee esteeming relies upon contraptions checked.

Pros and Cons of Cylance


•          “Cylance is not difficult to use and works successfully of getting our endpoints. The direct based engine is significantly more definite and responsive than ordinary imprint-based antivirus.”

•          “We have seven days by-week call with the merchant execution bunch who helps us with sorting out some way to coordinate the thing and helps us with setting up the zones and game plans for our present situation.”

•          “From the appraisal kill to truly moving it I have been content with our decision to pick Cylance. I evaluated all that 5 stars since I truly feel like they have gained it.”

•          “Cylance ensures that each endpoint is totally gotten and allows straightforward whitelisting for anything it gets unnecessarily grabby with.”


  • “No reports of infection disease since we utilize this.”
  • “Once in a while difficult to discern whether it is working, now and again it blocks required programming and it is torment to permit it through.”
  • “The program can impede important executables. While these can be whitelisted, it truly interferes with the work process to pause and need to refresh the whitelist and afterward push it to all gadgets.”
  • “Can be disappointing to consistently be dealing with the whitelist.”

Closing Thoughts

Cylance PROTECT is outstanding amongst other endpoint security arrangements presently accessible on the lookout. The blend of highlights like simple dispersion and the executives, low equipment asset utilization and high danger identification/avoidance ability is without a doubt something profoundly pursued by associations wishing to be liberated from cutting edge malware.