SEMrush Introduction

SEMrush started in 2008 with a mission to make online competition transparent and fair. Its aim to create such a platform where everyone can get equal opportunity to operate. Just in a span of 9 years, this company developed themselves in such way that everyone wants their product starting from small start-ups to big organizations. For SEMrush it all happened due to their experiments and constant efforts and now they are world-leading competitive research service for digital marketers. This product is trusted by big organizations like Amazon, ebay, Disney, Hewlett Packard and many more.

Advantages of SEMrush

  • Find and resolve issues on website.
  • Monitor website performance.
  • Helpful to find updates on keyword ranking.
  • Improve website’s SEO.
  • Can track the success of social media.
  • Brand reputation can be monitor.
  • Make it easy for the search engine robot to crawl.
  • User-friendly experience can be created to user with optimization techniques.

How to Use SEMrush

Having a website or blog is not enough, to be on the top in SERP either organically or by using paid, we have to perform more like SEO, SEM, SMM etc. SEMrush starts with free 30 days trial, in the trial version we can use limited features. It offers 3 types of plans for its user who can go with it and choose the best one according to their business. In just single dashboard we get everything done, will see in a moment. If you want to do the analysis of your or competitor’s website please do Sign up in SEMrush. Enter the root domain into the main search box on SEMrush website. The SEMrush shows you the overview of the website in a single dashboard and it consist of

  • Organic search domains.
  • Paid search.
  • Backlinks.
  • Keywords.
  • Display advertising.
  • Referring domains.
  • Sample media ads.
  • Landing page.
  • Sample text ad.
  • Anchor links.
  • Referring.
  • Latest publishers.
  • Organic.

As SEMrush is the powerful and versatile tool it helps the user to know each and everything in details.

How to find Keywords

Click on the organic search, here is the details information we receive related to keywords. Semrush

Let us know few fields in the report Keywords: List of keyword that website have. Pos: It means position of keyword on search engine. Volume: Sum of the user who uses the exact keyword. KD: Keyword difficulty means how much difficulty in the ranking website with that particular keyword. CPC: Avg. cost per click of the keyword. URL: Corresponding URL that is driving traffic. Com: Competition of that particular keyword. Results: Number of search engine result. Trend: Trend of that exact keyword.

Backlinks of a Website

Backlinks drive the traffic to website from other website, backlinks are important for websites. Quality backlinks support the website to rank higher on the SERP, it is easy to have backlink for the website but Google gives priority to that website who have quality inbound links. Backlink

Domain VS Domain

Competition is in every business, in a sense, it is good for the venture. Healthy competition in the crowded market leads to cutting edge innovations. As several companies compete with each other with a similar product, this rivalry helps to focus on customers. Every company has whistleblower so that they can pass on the important info of competitor. In the same way, SEMrush is the right place to the businesses to know about the other website keywords through domain VS domain tool.


  • Can use 5 websites to compare.
  • Organic, AdWords, PLA (Product listing Ad) keywords can be collected.
  • Come to know about common keywords, unique keywords, all keyword between the websites.

By using advanced option we can conduct deep research of competitors’ keywords Keywords Research

SEMrush Rank

The main aim of any website is to secure high rank, as a better ranking of a website is good for business. The allotted rank to the website itself shows where they stand in competition. SEMrush ranking tool can be used to know the website rank globally or in that region. Semrush Rank

Traffic Analytics

Traffic analytics was introduced a few months ago, SEMrush analytics give full access to know from which source the traffic is coming to the website, by analyzing the data from the analytics tool and designing the advantageous strategies for business can be done. Traffic Analytics

Site Audit

SEMrush is the right platform to check the health of a website it means on-site analysis. By using this tool we can find the on-site errors and can work on it, the advantage with SEMrush is, it would be easy for the search engines robot to access, if it is error free. Fixing the error with this tool can create the positive user experience.

  • Can work on the internal and external link by optimizing it.
  • Adding the tags if it is necessary.
  • Make Meta title, Meta description, and HTML tags clear and unique for search engines and user.
  • Find and fix the errors on pages.
  • Can catch duplicate content.
  • Provide ALT attribute to broken images.
Site Audit

Report Generation

The groundbreaking option in SEMrush is that we can make beautiful and attractive reports. My report tools give us to organize the important data in one place. The data that is generated within SEMrush tool can be used to make a report by simply using drag and drop widgets. Report Generation

Position Tracking of Keywords

Position tracking allows finding the position of the keyword on the particular date. Here in this, we can add five competitors URL to check at what position they are competing with each other for the exact keyword (Exchange Offer). We can check the position of a keyword by using Organic and also paid source. In the below screenshot we have used “EXCHANGE OFFER” (organic source) as a keyword to check the position among 3 major e-commerce websites. The result was Amazon is in 1st position followed by Flipkart and Snapdeal.

Position Tracking

Brand Monitoring

It is mandatory for every business to keep an eye on its brand reputation. In the recent study, it is revealed that 70% of the customers mostly trust the online reviews, and there are chances that bad reviews can collapse 50% of online deals. As the internet is being huge it is difficult for the business to track what is happening with their brand. SEMrush brand monitoring tool is helping the organization to get their work done in an easy way. This tool will scan the web and provide the important and meaningful information where they can research and provide the response instantly in the various online medium. Brand monitoring allows the business to come up with new opportunities to promote brand throughout. Brand monitoring

Social Media Tool

We all know the importance of social media this day, it has become like the word of mouth marketing for business. Building a network and managing it has become much difficult. The SEMrush tool gives you wing to easily take care of social media efforts. This tool provides the up-to-date and accurate information about how users respond to the content that is posted on social media platform. The detailed report is useful to do analysis, take necessary steps and do best. The thing about SEMrush is that we can do an analysis of competitor’s website also like how much active they are on social medium with the content. How effective they use social platform for business. Social Media Tool


The main purpose of this article is to help the websites by using SEMrush tool. Here you can check the possibilities of appending your website by auditing the website, keyword analysis, position tracking, brand monitoring and many more and give good competition to your competitors and can create positive user experience.