InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting has been one of the best rated web hosting providers for 16 years, and for good reason. Combining plenty of plans and features using a leading customer support group, you’re going to be setup online until you know it.

InMotion Hosting boasts an incredible rating as a result of its extensive collection of programs, its stellar catalogue of helpful features, and its own client support group, which solved more than 25,000 complaints in 2018. You’ll Have the Ability to Begin quickly with its easy-to-use dash, or climb a growing business with its enterprise degree choices — particularly Once You receive a customized quote with our helpful pricing instrument

Take A look below at the pricing options for each of InMotion Hosting’s specific programs — as well as a couple brief explanations of the particular features included with each — and you will be on your way to a better understanding of your web hosting choices.


  • InMotion has a fantastic uptime record and quick servers.
  • Customer support is very friendly, knowledgeable, and easy to work with.
  • A three-month money back guarantee empowers you to test before you commit.


  • The service requires identification verification, which may slow you down considerably.
  • The best introductory rates only apply to multi-year packages.

Plans and pricing

Being One of the greatest, InMotion has a great deal to offer. In their official site you can find something for everyone; from shared hosting for small companies and sites, to dedicated servers for big sites with higher traffic.

1.Shared business hosting

Shared Business hosting is quite good for low to medium traffic sites. It’s ideal for people with less experience in designing a site. It’s a simple Drag & Drop website builder or you can use WordPress for more control over your website.

InMotion Includes three hosting plans.

  • The first and most basic is Launch; it can support as many as two sites and 6 domains and it costs $4.89/month using a current discount (for a two year subscription).
  • The second is Power; it lets you have up to 6 sites and 26 domain names for a price of $6.29/month (for a two year subscription).
  • The next is Pro; with it you receive unlimited websites and domain names for $10.49/month (for a 1 year subscription).

2.VPS hosting

VPS Hosting is good for sites with high traffic. The same as shared hosting, VPS hosting also has 3 plans:

  • VPS-1000HA-S; this program offers you 4GB of available RAM, 4TB of monthly premium transfers (bandwidth),75TB of fault tolerant disk space and 3 IP addresses, with a current discount to get a cost of $24.99/month (for yearly subscription).
  • VPS-2000HA-S; in this plan you receive 6GB of available RAM, 5TB of bandwidth, 150TB of disc space and 4 IP addresses for a price of $39.99/month (for annual subscription).
  • VPS-3000HA-S; the most advanced one, provides you 8GB of available RAM, 6TB of bandwidth, 260TB of disc space and 5 IP addresses for a cost of $59.99/month (for annual subscription).

Apart from the great features you get shared hosting programs, for example 90-day-money-back-guarantee, you also get a great deal of new and good things.

3.Dedicated servers with free SSDs

Their Linux-based dedicated servers can be configured to match the requirements of big businesses and enterprises. InMotion provides single or dual core processor dedicated servers that have free SSDs.

You Can get hosting with dedicated servers in 6 distinct programs:

  • Essential
  • Advanced
  • Elite
  • Commercial Class 500
  • Commercial Class 1000
  • Commercial Class 2000

The Price range of these plans is broad. It starts, with a current discount, from $99.99 (for an yearly subscription) and it goes around $539.99/month (for an annual subscription).

4.Reseller Hosting

In Brief, Reseller Hosting allows you to re-pack and enhance their tools as your own. It is possible to use your disc space and bandwidth that was provided to you to host sites for other businesses and individuals. Essentially, you can serve as your web hosting company with your plans at your price.

You Have a choice of 3 plans for this type of hosting. Plans are:

  • R-1000S
  • R-2000S
  • R-3000S

5.WordPress hosting

If you Are searching to get WordPress hosting, InMotion delivers great packages. The internet host is Linux-based; WordPress-optimized servers come with the content management system set up, and extend free daily copies and automatic software updates. But, third-party WordPress plug-ins will need to be manually upgraded.

6.Managed hosting

Unlike Classical web hosting plans, managed hosting is something distinct. It is your personal support team. It gives everything from classical client support to helping you realize your goals in site construction.

They Have 4 levels of service, which they charge by hour, and the cost goes up to $75/hour.

Customer support

InMotion Additionally prides itself with its support team.

There Are a lot of ways you can get help on their site. They’ve a support centre on which you may find links for all kinds of tutorials, both video and written, as they often post in their own YouTube channel.

Apart from Those hyperlinks, you can get in touch with their customer service via email, online chat, phone and Skype. You are guaranteed a quick reply, and their team has mostly been examined as very useful and friendly.


InMotion Offers you a broad spectrum of solutions, but can it be meant for everyone?

Well, In case you have a static website or a site with a low traffic you’re able to use their Shared hosting, but perhaps you could find a cheaper web host that will offer you Similar ailments. On the other hand, if you plan on becoming a sizable company with a high traffic, or you already are one, InMotion is a perfect Choice for you, because it gives anything you may need — great loading speed, Fantastic online security, free transfer and data backups, and consistently important Great customer services.