Constant Contact is an email marketing tool designed to simplify the complicated and perplexing task of marketing your idea, even if you’re a beginner. The app offers the tools, features, and expert guidance you will need to help you triumph –all in one spot.

With Constant Contact, you can create great-looking email Marketing campaigns, build an wonderful site with ease, design a beautiful logo for your own brand, conduct Google Ads for more website traffic, and find new clients on social media. And with Zapier, you can more easily manage your mailing lists, automatically adding new recipients to Constant Contact in your event management program, your CRM, or a form in your website.

Constant Contact is a strong email marketing tool that’ll Help you achieve contacts wherever they are with tools that will assist you promote your business. Together with the ability of automation, it can be much more than simply another email app.

Constant Contact Pros:

  • Provides features like integration with event management, something That’s unique among its peers
  • The deliverability speed is the Finest in the industry (97%)
  • Offers value for money (amazing attributes at regular prices)
  • User-friendly (has an intuitive interface)
  • Enables High Degree of personalization
  • Providers auto-responders integrated with email
  • Industry leader in data analytics and social media platforms integrations
  • Can handle files with a High Number of contact details
  • Excellent knowledge base

Constant Contact Cons:

  • Doesn’t Allow You to remove the logo from each sign-up form
  • Best suited for small companies
  • The website available in Spanish and English, but the instrument is currently available only in English
  • No provision for junk testing
  • Email trailer feature could be improved

Constant Contact Features

Constant Contact has been assisting Company owners and entrepreneurs for the longest time with these features:

  • Free Trial: No excuse to not try Constant Contact. They provide a free no-obligation trial for their email marketing program. All you have to do is to supply your email address, and you can start seeing outcomes right after sending your first campaigns. You know you love free things and effective campaigns.
  • Attractive templates: Aside from using a plethora of Ready-to-use email templates that fit your requirements, Constant Contact also ensures that their templates are easy to customize and style. For this, you can immediately begin sending your information to all the contacts that you’ve listed.
  • Reporting tools: Monitoring your advertising Performance has never been this simple and easy, thanks to the reporting centre. In just a couple of seconds, you’ll instantly find an appealing, easy-to-understand report tailored to your advertising performance so you are able to attain attainable outcomes quickly.
  • Image Management: This program made inserting photos To your mails extremely easy with their lightweight library function. Aside from this, you can also get thousands of free pictures in the library in case you can’t seem to get the right image.
  • Event spot: Can you handle events every day? This Special feature can update your work by painlessly designating an occasion, like templates meant for event registration pages and landing pages.
  • Coupons: Deliver coupons to a group of Customers that you could track in a breeze. Remain up-to-date on which customer is using them to assist in constructing and expanding your client base.
  • Autoresponder: Do you have a specific email that You send out daily? Do you want each individual who registers to your newsletter to be delivered a specific email on a particular day.
  • Social Media Integration: Apart from being able to send Your newsletter with a few clicks around the social networking platform that you choose, it is also possible to incorporate campaigns to sites such as Facebook. Social networking extensions can help you expand and develop your small business.
  • Contact Management: One thing about Constant Contact is They have an extremely powerful Contact Management System that is 100% customizable. Exporting and importing the email record is completed effortlessly. Additionally, it will support you in organizing, managing, and cleaning your records to prevent copying.
  • Deliverability: Constant Contact sports 98 percent of Deliverability rate, which guarantees your contacts will get the mails that you sent out by making a more effective marketing effort.
  • Free apps for Toolkit: You can run your Toolkit no Matter where you are utilizing the mobile programs of Constant Contact. With these programs on your phone, you will not ever have to worry about missing a beat on your bustling day since you’re able to bring the Toolkit where your sojourn.


While paid users get access to Additional attributes, Constant Contact provides a surprisingly strong set of resources free of charge. The most obvious drawback is that Constant Contact displays a banner ad on most of free websites.

At $10 per month, the Starter plan Comes with order, inventory, and tax management, phone service, and advanced analytics, among other features. Starter users can also connect an existing domain name to their website.

Business Plus subscriptions cost $20 a month. With Business Plus, you can sell an unlimited number of products and process transactions for a fee of just 1.5% (compared to 3% at no cost and Starter users). Business Plus subscribers can also be moved to the front of the line for phone, email, and chat support.

Customer Support

Constant Contact help and support Center is a standout when it comes to customer service.

Constant Contact offers a variety of Customer support options, via:

  • Chat support
  • Phone Service
  • Video tutorials
  • Ask the Community
  • Professional solutions
  • Twitter
  • Educational events
  • Apps & integrations
  • Developer resources

Final Verdict

Constant Contact provides unusually deep features at no cost, making it a fantastic option if you’re just Getting started with website builders. On the other hand, it doesn’t stack up to the competition in regards to blogging. After all, whether or Not Constant Contact is the ideal option for you depends upon your company’s needs.